Monday, November 15, 2010

Statistical bulletin: NHS contraceptive services 2003-4

In 2003-04:

- there were about 2.7 million attendances at family planning clinics, about 2% more than in 2002-03
- the number of women attending clinics was 1.20 million, about the same as in 2002-03
- the number of men attending clinics was 106 thousand, about 14% more than in 2002-03,
- the peak age for clinic attendance was 16-17; an estimated 23% of women in this age group visited a clinic during the year
- oral contraception was the primary method of 41% of clinic attenders; the male condom was the primary method of 35% of attenders
- emergency contraception was prescribed by clinics on 193,000 occasions, a decrease of 2% compared with 2002-03

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